GGR 221 Streaming Media Influences Research Paper


GGR 221 Streaming Media Influences Research Paper


With the development of digital technology, people’s daily lives are inseparable from streaming media. Since people start to look for a higher spiritual pursuit, they prefer to obtain information from social media platforms. Many new industries were spawned from these digital social media platforms, and the Internet has also enabled new spaces of E-commerce production and consumption. This article will talk about the latest tech companies on how to displace the older media companies. And how do influencers from social media platforms to make profits and wages from digital content? Nowadays, most of the traditional industries start to transform into E-commerce platforms, the celebrity effect inferior to the commercial value than the social media influencer. This article will also discuss those successful streamers’ impact on modern economic geography. And how digital production and consumptions come from different cultural marketplace. The development of digital social media platforms also come with sexist and social problems need to concern about.  GGR 221 Streaming Media Influences Research Paper


According to the researches of social media platforms, which show the new media tech companies displaced the traditional media industries. People have more chances to prove themselves on social media platforms, and digital content also brings many new commercial values. The virtual values transformed into E-commerce depends on the audience highly involved in streaming content. The success of the “influencer” economy provides more chooses and preferences for consumption. The most popular social media channels are also creating commercial values both for creators and audiences. The digital content had reshaped the global entertainment and media ecosystem, and the traditional and plain social media channels cannot meet the needs of consumers anymore. The gender differences can also order the distribution of streamers, and people nowadays should concern about the enormous economic value and social influence behind the new social media platforms.

GGR 221 Streaming Media Influences Research Paper

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