Global Factors Of Labor Law And Industrial Culture In New Zealand


The service is to launch a vegan Caribbean restaurant in New Zealand so it resonates with their views on the environment/sustainability.

Specifically focus on the global factors of Labor Law and industrial Culture in the country of New Zealand.

This is going to be a part of a bigger paper that will analyze the desirability and marketability of your product/service in the global marketplace and generate positive excitement within the leadership team of your company so format the wording as such.
Goal is to analyze the business climate for their product/service within that market and determine their chances of success but ULTIMATELY the goal is to focus on the global factors listed above.

The format will be similar to this:
a. Cover sheet with team and class and class mates identification and appropriate graphics
b. Approximately 20 pages of original text – 12 font, double spaced in appropriate business text (Ariel, Calibri, Times New Roman, etc.)
c. Pages numbered
d. Appendix
e. Works cited
Try to limit your paragraphs to 5-6 sentences, i.e. no one page paragraphs

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