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LECTURE NOTE: https://prezi.com/rmmcfylic9vp/colonial-culture-indentured-servants-enslaved-africans-and-women/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy





Discuss the ways in which your topic (i.e. westward expansion, slavery, civil war, women’s suffrage, religion, etc.) impacted and/or changed the US.


In a broad sense, what were the conditions prior to (a), the process toward (b), and the results of that change (c)? For each part (a, b, and c), include examples and evidence to support your argument(s). The following questions are a guide to the type of information and analysis you should include in your discussion. Ask yourself the following as you start the writing process:


  1. What were the conditions in society prior to your topic that influenced, spawned, caused, or led to it? (I.e. what is the historical context?)
  2. Discuss the process of change.
    1. Was it gradual or swift?

             i.     Why?

             ii.     In what ways?

  1. Did violence and/or resistance accompany it?
  2. What ideology informed/influenced/spurred the change?
  3. What were the cultural, social, and/or political results of those changes?
    1. Were the outcomes positive or negative?
    2. Who did they benefit, and whom did they harm? Offer evidence for both.


The final aspect of your paper is to discuss the historical significance of your topic (the last paragraph before the conclusion). Specifically, you must link your chosen topic to present-day society, events, people, policies, etc. Tell me how your topic continues to manifest in today’s society. You do not need primary sources in this paragraph…it is purely your opinion. But, you should include examples with enough detail so I know what you are specifically referencing. The historical significance is arguably the most crucial part of the essay because it requires critical thinking skills to link history across time and space.


4 pages and include at least four to five primary documents.  You can also use secondary sources such as the Ebook, and monographs and/or articles by scholars. You can use both types of sources, but primary ones are required.





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