History of Modern Islamic Civilizations History 222G


History of Modern Islamic Civilizations

History 222G


Second Midterm-Combined objective/essay format.


Objective section. T/F and Multiple Choice. Each question is worth 1 point (15 points total).


  1. The Hashemite regimes have been known to be fiercely independent of the West. True or False?
  2. One of the key ideas of Nasir was Pan-Islam. True or False?
  3. The Saudi King who introduced a welfare state into Saudi Arabia, a modern urban landscape, and helped to spread the Wahhabi form of Islam worldwide was: Ibn Saud (Abdulaziz), Faysal, or Khalid?
  4. The turning point beyond which it was difficult for Jewish-Palestinian Arab reconciliation was the: Wailing Wall Incident, the Arab Revolt, or the Dayr Yassin Massacre?
  5. In Naguib Mahfouz’s short story “Zaabalawi” Zaabalawi was: the chief character seeking relief from pain, a saintly but elusive figure, or a calligrapher?
  6. After WWI, France gained a mandate over: Palestine, Iraq, or Syria?
  7. During WWII the Magic Gang made which of the following “disappear”: the Great Pyramid, the Suez Canal, or the Aswan Dam?
  8. Which of the following applies to Mustafa Kemal Ataturk rather than to Reza Shah Pahlevi: monarchy, veil banned but women not given the right to vote, or separation of mosque and state?
  9. The French President who was nearly assassinated during the Day of the Jackal was: Jacques Chirac, Francois Mitterrand, or Charles de Gaulle?
  10. A military defeat turned into a political victory for Nasir in the: Palestine War, Suez War, or Six-Day War?
  11. The leader of the Muslim League in India was: Hassan al-Banna, Saad Zaghlul, or Muhammad Ali Jinnah?
  12. The British officer who became famous for helping to lead the Arab Revolt and for wearing Arab clothing was: John Glubb, T. E. Lawrence, or Henry Philby?
  13. Hashemite rule continues in only which of the following: Iraq, Jordan, or Syria?
  14. Wahhabi Islam is the official form of Islam in: Iran, Egypt, or Saudi Arabia?
  15. Umm Kulthoum was a famous Egyptian: singer, poet, or sculptor?

Essay section. Answer any one of the following essay questions (15 points).

  1. Analyze the legacy of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk for modern Turkey.
  2. Discuss the causes of the Arab-Israeli conflict from its origins through the Palestine War and the war’s consequences. (more questions on the next page)
  3. Discuss the legacy of Nasir for Egypt and for the Middle East.
  4. What were the legacies of King Ibn Saud (Abdulaziz) and King Faysal for Saudi Arabia?
  5. Describe the mandate system that was established after WWI. Which mandates in the Middle East did Britain and France get? What was the Sharifian or Hashemite policy that Britain implemented in a couple of its mandates?


Remember it is an “open-book” type of test where you can consult the lecture outlines in the file Europe Lecture Outlines for 2nd Midterm, the Key to the Practice Questions for the 2nd Midterm, and the select readings to help answer the test questions.

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