History of Technology


History of Technology

– You may pick any technology or aspect of engineering in which you might have some interest and write about its history.

Your paper ought to define the technology/engineering and give its rich historical significance placing it into a broader context.

To do this well you are required to consult no fewer than four quality sources outside the assigned class materials. – Write well. That which is written in haste is read without pleasure.

I have provided writing tips to consult below. Assume, since I made the tips, that I will be annoyed if I read your paper and see contractions, first-person pronouns, etc.

Remember too that the Writing Center is your friend. Use them. Each campus has one.

The paper is to be original to this class – not a recycled paper from a previous class.

– Logistics: Eight-page essay (cover page and works cited page do not count towards the eight pages). Double spaced. Pages numbered. Cover page with name.

No fewer than four quality non-class material sources. Wiki sites, about.com and encyclopedia sites will not count towards the three needed “outside of class” sources. Craft a strong thesis statement. Write well. Writing tips:

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