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Read the Home Care Scenario located in the Allied Health Community media piece located in the course materials. Click “Enter,” then click “Scenarios.” Scroll down to “Health Care Accounting and Billing” and click “View Scenario.” Read the “Instructions and Legend,” close the box (X), then click on the Home Care houses on the top right of the map and “Download Full Scenario.”

In a total of 250-500 words, respond to the questions located in the Home Care Scenario. Read the information available in the Budget Considerations section and apply this information as needed.

HOME CARE Scenario
Type of care provided
Question 1
Question 2
Care in this capacity can range from a short-term to long-term based upon the changing needs of the
patient. Patient age can range from pediatric to elderly. Care can be provided in the patient’s private
home, group home, or assisted living setting. Medical homes fall into this category and are a new focus
of Accountable Care Organizations through the Affordable Care Act of 2010.
Review your current budget. Taking this information into account, what are some strategies you would
use to identify resources to focus on improving efficiency and meeting customer expectations during this
What do you see as the biggest financial issues of your organization? Hint: You are a nonprofit organization—
so look at your means of funding and the relationship this has on your ability to treat patients and
hire new staff. How will you address this financial issue?
In home care, a patient is visited at home by a nurse or nursing assistants with activities of daily living
(ADL), wound care, IV therapy, etc. These organizations can be nonprofit or for-profit. A physician supervises
the care with the assistance of RNs or LPNs and certified nursing assistants (CNAs).
You are a new administrator for a home health agency that is a national nonprofit organization that serves
the surrounding Phoenix community. The agency has been recognized for the delivery of on-time quality
services for a number of years. It is known to employ only the top staff within the community, but in
recent months staffing numbers have dropped dramatically and you, as the agency’s administrator, have
found yourself in a position where your facility is short staffed. You are unable to admit any additional
patients unless you are able to have your staff work over time.

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