How Are Elders 65 Years Of Age At Higher Risk Of Suicide


Brief history
It is helpful to your readers to understand the context of your problem and the solutions
that have been attempted to date. Is this a recent problem? An on-going one? What brought it to the attention of the public?

You need to summarize what existing literature has to say about your problem and the existing solutions: What has been tried, what has worked, what has not worked, why.
This section should flow from past to present. What where the earliest interventions or solutions? What are the most recent? Be sure to present all sides whether or not they agree with your hypothesis. Your research will typically involve some gap in information (why research what we already know?).

Independent variable- is statics on the rate of suicide of elders
Dependent variable- the outcome of statistical research

The research question: are elders 65 years year of age at higher risk of suicide compare to the other segments of the united states

The research problem; in the united states are elders , ages 65 years old commit suicide at a rate higher compare to the other segment of the us population.

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