How Betrayal Contributes To Relationship Distress And Dissolution


Stresses and Strains.

Chapter 10 discusses the various strains and stressors on a relationship. They are pitfalls and stumbling blocks that most couples experience across the span of their relationship. Miller suggests that hurt feelings, ostracism, jealousy, deception and lying, betrayal, forgiveness all cause wear and tear on relationships.

Book:Rowland S. Miller – Intimate Relationships-McGraw-Hill Education (2017)

As he suggests though, although these incidents are commonplace they are not inconsequential.

Using Miller’s stresses and strains listed in the paragraph above, write a paper that discusses how ONE of these factors contribute to relationship distress and dissolution .Please list and apply a theory of treatment that you feel is relevant to your topic. Please select ONE and do a deep dive into he topic. Please do not do a cursory summary of all the topics.

Your paper should include:

• Factual research not simply subjective opinion
• This is not a personal experience paper. Do not use actual people or stories to demonstrate a point.

Paper requirements:

The writing assignment is expected to be of high quality, including well-thought out ideas, clear expression of these ideas, and correct grammar and spelling.

▪ Format: Writing Assignments must be typed double-spaced/ 12pt font, times new roman, 1” margins)
▪ A minimum of seven peer reviewed reference materials other than the class text are to be cited within the paper and referenced at the end of the paper. Please include a title page with running head. Please note that the materials are to be either published peer reviewed journals or academic books or published works. Blogs, web pages and assorted internet are not acceptable.

▪ APA Style is expected: Correct citations and references. For assistance with proper citations and referencing: 560/02/

▪ The length for each writing assignment is NOT to exceed 8-10 pages Total

( including Title/Cover Page and references).


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