How Building Form Is Affected By Technology


(1) Choose a building, a group of buildings, an urban agglomeration or a landscape to answer these questions (1-6), and every answer must include a few examples. (70 points)
1.How and why has a particular building type changed form over time?
2.Why do cities from the same culture take such different forms at diverse periods or locations?
3.How is building form affected by technology?
4.How have the needs of the client or user affected architectural design in a specific building?
5.What is the relationship between theory and practice in a particular architect’s work?
6.How did a particular style, technology, or building type move from one culture to another? Why did it do so?

(2) Choose your hometown as an example, and combine the following materials to interpret City. (Cities, buildings, parks, landscapes man-made artifacts, economic trends, technological innovations, nature, politics and culture) (700words, 30points)
Cities, buildings, parks, and landscapes define the setting of our everyday life. Some are fascinating works of art, and no other man-made artifacts document the evolution of social relations, economic trends, technological innovations, philosophical views on man and nature, politics and culture more eloquently than architecture and urbanism. Cities and buildings impact our everyday lives. They define where and how we live, how far we have to travel to reach our working places, our daily rhythms of our movements, the things we see when we are on our way. Their impact on health is self-evident – urban planners gave us our sewage systems, architects decent public housing and healthcare buildings. Since healthcare architecture requires a thorough understanding of the history and theory of architecture, and the world of healthy cities can only be analyzed against the background of urbanism, the Expertise Centre Architecture, Urbanism and Health is embedded in a classical approach of architectural and urban history and theory.

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