How Class Functions In Nella Larsen’s 1929 Novella, “Passing”


In this paper, analyze how class functions in Nella Larsen’s 1929 novella Passing.Show how class operates as a motive when reading Passing as a mystery. this is the link for the book


  • The final typed paper, which must be about an assigned novel, should be 7 to 10 pages, excluding the separate Works Cited page.
  • Your paper must have a title, e.g., “Easy Rawlins: The Hardboiled Blues Detective”
  • No cover page is necessary. In the upper left-hand corner, list your name, the course, and the date.  Space down and have your title, which should be centered (use the center key rather than the space key).
  • Pages are to be numbered. If you can’t do it via the computer, write them in by hand.
  • The paper is to be in MLA format, with in-text citations and sources listed in MLA format. I will mark papers down considerably if they are not.  (See your syllabus for examples of texts written in this fashion.  You can also refer to Diana Hacker’s A Writer’s Reference, the MLA link on Blackboard, and the Lehman Library’s reference desk, which has MLA sheets.)
  • You are to have at least five sources. You have read quite a few essays and excerpts, as well as several chapters from a book, on the subject.  There are also essays and other links to resources on Blackboard.  I expect at least one source from the CUNY + database (check out JSTOR and ProjectMuse).
  • The Bibliography is to have your sources listed in MLA format, and they are to be alphabetized.

Remember, the hard part is reading the texts and thinking about what you want to write about, as well as putting those thoughts on paper in a cogent and cohesive manner.

Things to think about:

  1. What is your primary text?
  2. Why? That is, what stands out to you about the text?  (Remember, this is not a book report.  Your summary, if there is one, should not be more than a paragraph or two.)
  3. Are you using any terms? Define them for your reader.  For example, if you are writing about Easy Rawlins as the hard-boiled blues detective, you need to know and explain what “hard-boiled” means, as well as what a “blues detective” is.


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