How Cross-cultural Considerations Affect The Idea Of Adolescent Identity Crisis


Answer questions using 4-8 complete sentences for each. Do not answer question in outline format.You must answer responses in your own words.   Responses must be original. Each answer should be able to be read as a complete essay– ie. restate the question, make it clear what you are answering.  Attend to the words “describe,” “explain,”  and “discuss”– these indicate that you must demonstrate a full understanding of the question and convey that information to the reader. Do not just copy what is in the text book- but rather put it in your own words and make it clear that you have thought about the content.   Number questions before each response.

1. In addition to the duration of the disorder, what does the DSM-5 definition of schizophrenia take into account?

2. What are the atypical antipsychotic drugs and why are they used?

3. How do retrograde and anterograde amnesia differ?

4. What signs and symptoms can be used to distinguish depression from dementia?

5. What are the requirements for making the diagnosis of intellectual disability?

6. Describe the controversy around the issue of whether IQ tests are culture-fair.

7. What are the typical symptoms seen in ASD?

8. Discuss if there is evidence to support the notion that genetic factors play a role in ADHD.

9. Discuss the current thinking regarding the “paradoxical effect” of psychostimulant medication on children with ADHD.

10. Since children are not as able as adults to describe symptoms of depression, discuss signs child clinical psychologists look for to determine if children of different ages are depressed.

11. What are some of the reasons that more boys are treated for psychological problems than are girls, but more women are treated in therapy than are men?

12. Discuss the primary stages of adult development and the major life-cycle transitions associated with moving from one stage to another.

13. Explain how cross-cultural considerations affect the idea of adolescent identity crisis.

14. Discuss the conditions that need to be met in order for an individual to be found ” competent to stand trial.”

15. Discuss three rights mental patients have in the United States with regard to treatment and how they are sometimes contradictory.

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