How Family Background Affects One’s Social Class In Adulthood


View this short video.

Read the article on inequality posted down Below.

Find at least one other article on inequality in the United States using the websites from the New York Times, Washington Post or the Guardian. All of these news sources have search engines into which you can type “inequality” and any other search terms you would like to use.

Based on this material (video, articles, powerpoint and chapter), answer the following questions using complete sentences.

Summarize the data that you found from 1 or 2 articles about inequality in the US. Provide at least two statistics that illustrate this inequality. PROVIDE THE LINK FROM THE WEBSITE FROM WHICH YOU GATHERED YOUR INFORMATION!

How are class systems different than caste systems? Do you think the US is a class system or a cast system or a mixture of the two? Explain your answer.

How does family background affect one’s social class in adulthood? How do you think it will affect your social class in adulthood? Do you think you will experience intergenerational mobility?

What does the information in the video suggest about the chances of upward mobility in the United States today?

What did most Americans think about inequality in the US, according to the video? Do you think Americans still have this view, a decade after this video was made?

What in fact is true about inequality in the US?

Why, according to the video, do so many people have a misconception about income distribution?

Warren Buffet says that “there was a class war, and my class won”. What does he mean by this? What would Karl Marx say about this?

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