How Heroes Were Perceived In Society


“It is to b 5 to 7 pages using Times New Roman, 12 font and double spaced. Your heading should look like the one noted above. No fancy covers please. Use citations for all direct quotes as well as for all research information or you will be plagiarizing. Make sure to underline your thesis statement. You may choose one of the following topics:

1) Choose a god/goddess and discuss his/her relevance to some aspect of social culture. Be specific-for instance, a connection to some cult and its impact on Greek society.

2) Choose one god/goddess and find several variations on his/her myth. The variations could be related to the birth or some other episode in the life of the god. Discuss how these variations impact on the god’s reception in society.

3) Choose one initiation rite (male, female, cult) and find literary references to it and discuss them and its relevant impact on society.

4) Choose a hero: Heracles, Theseus, or Perseus for example- and discuss whether he fits the hero mold or not. Give proof for your answer with definite examples. How was this hero perceived by society, was there a cult to him, and if so, where was it located (what city) and how was he honored?”


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