How Lean Has Affected The Restaurants Industry


5 pages of text per group member (not including figures, graphs, references, title page, table of contents) using 1.5 line spacing, 11 point font and 1 inch margins.

Applying Lean into Restaurants industry

In this paper, talk about how lean has affected the restaurants industry. In this paper try to answer some of these main questions: How to apply lean to the food-industry? how lean changed the restaurants industry? What are the benefits of implementing lean into this specific business area? What are the challenges companies would face when they start to apply lean to the food industry?

  • Instructions:
  • This final project will require the student to conduct extensive research to learn about their selected topic, including identifying appropriate references.
  • The paper should be written in a manner that will teach the reader about the chosen subject. You can think about writing the paper like a textbook chapter or a set of lecture notes for a class session.
  • You can consider the audience for your paper to be a typical student.You should introduce the topic and why it is important. You should then provide an overview of the topic to the reader.
  • The written report should consist of approximately 5 pages of text per group member (not including figures, graphs, references, title page, table of contents) using 1.5 line spacing, 11-point font and 1 inch margins.
    • The focus should be on high quality content, with minimal fluff and filler. Whatever topic you choose, you want to make sure that your report contains a clear and thorough overview of the topic.
    • Your report should be well formatted, with a cover page, an introductory paragraph (what is the topic and why it is important) and a concluding paragraph (what did we learn from your report).
    • You should write in full paragraphs (not bulleted lists). You should use sections and subsections as it makes sense for your topic. You should also use page numbers.
    • You must use in-text citations where appropriate and you must use quotation marks when copying material from other sources. All other text in the paper must be your own writing.
    • You may include figures or tables taken from other sources, but their source must be appropriately cited.
    • Only include figures or tables that add value to the report. Do not include figures and tables in your report unless you discuss them (e.g., describe what they tell the reader and why it is important).
    • You must provide an appropriately formatted list of references at the end of your report.

The resources to be used:

How to Apply the Principles of Lean Management to Your Restaurant 

The Restaurant as Hybrid: Lean Manufacturer and Service Provider

Applying Lean Six Sigma to the Restaurant Industry

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