How Nora’s Character Develops Over The Course Of Act 3 In ” A Doll’s House “


Write a reading response to the Act 3 of ” a dolls house”
only answering these questions. please use direct quotes from the play to support your answers.
-question #1 (200-400 Words) In Act3, what is Helmer’s reaction to learning the truth about Nora’s actions? what is revealing about his remarks?

-question#2 (100-200 words) When Helmer finds that Krogstad has sent back the note, what is his response? how do you feel towards him?

-question#3 (100-200 words) How does Nora’s character develop over the course of Act 3?

please label each part question#1,2 and 3 (VERY IMPORTANT)

name of textbook: Literature An Introduction To Fiction, Poetry,Drama and Writing 8th edition by X.J Kennedy and Dana Gioia

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