How One’s Subconscious Affects Decision-Making Ability And Choices


Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to give you the experience producing a version of an entire research paper. Although you won’t be reporting results, you have all of the parts here,
so that you can go forth and conduct quality research. This is your chance to build on all that
you’ve learned and show that you can do the work of a researcher.
Skills: This assignment requires and builds competency in the following skills:
Database searching
Writing an Introduction section
Designing a study to test an original hypothesis
Writing a Method section
Proposing statistical analyses with which to appropriately test a hypothesis
Drawing appropriate conclusions from analyses
Making appropriate inferences from research implications
Thinking critically about limitations of your research
Proposing future research
Writing in APA style
Knowledge: This assignment will expand your knowledge base in your area of interest and help
you to think about your topic in a more innovative, sophisticated way.
Task: To complete this assignment correctly, you should take the following steps:
1. Start with a title page that adheres to APA style (If you don’t have an APA Style Manual,
see the Owl Sample APA Paper document from Purdue
)—it covers most of the basics, although bear in mind that’s a
sample of an entire research report, which is different from your assignment). You may
use either the Student APA title page or the Professional paper APA title page.
2. Thoroughly review enough articles to allow you to master the literature around your
3. Using at least 5 of these articles, present them in such a way that they build a strong
case for your hypothesis (start broadly, then get more specific as you approach the
problem your work will address).
4. Practice appropriate citations as you bring up each article and integrate it with the rest
of the paper.
5. Your review of the literature should create a meaningful flow that culminates in a
logical, testable, clear, and explicit hypothesis.
6. Be very clear about what your hypothesis is; it should be the last sentence of your
Introduction section, phrased with language such as, “The proposed hypothesis is…” or,
“I hypothesize that…”.

7. Write a Method section (predominantly in future tense; “Participants will complete
the…”), directly following the Introduction. In almost all cases, you should include
Participants, Materials, and Procedure subsections.
8. Write an Analyses section in which you say what analyses you will conduct to test your
hypothesis. Include information about what pattern of results you expect to see. It
should be clear why these analyses are the appropriate ones. This directly follows the
Method section.
9. Write a Discussion section, which should immediately follow the Analyses. This should
cover implications of the predicted results, limitations, and future directions.
10. Update and revise your APA style References section, which follows the paper body.
11. Attach the first page of each article you review, either electronically or just to the hardcopy submission.
Description & Requirements:
Proposal Format. Your research proposal should be entirely in APA style. If you do not already
own the 7
th edition of the APA Style Manual, then get a copy, as you will be responsible
for writing an APA style paper. You should begin with a complete Title Page, followed
by an Abstract, an Introduction, a Method section, an Analysis section (rather than
Results), a Discussion section, and a References section. You are to bring a hard copy to
class and also to send an electronic copy as a Microsoft Word attachment to my email
address. For the hard copy, please attach a copy of the first page of each of your sources.
Title Page. Pay very close attention to APA Style to produce a good title page.
Abstract. Your abstract should be a summary of every other section of the paper. You
should probably start by writing one sentence per section and expanding if need
Introduction. This section will be the longest in the paper because it is the literature
review for your topic. You must cite at least 5 empirical journal articles in your
Introduction. The section must end with clearly stated hypotheses.
Method. Here you will describe how you will test your hypotheses. Typically, a Method
section has three subsections: Participants; Materials; and Procedure.

Analyses. In this section, you will briefly tell how you would analyze the data to
determine whether your data support your hypotheses. I will help you with this
Discussion. This section gives you the opportunity to critically evaluate the study in
terms of implications and limitations. It typically is the second-longest section,
next to the Introduction.
References. You should provide complete APA Style references for each work cited.
Plagiarism. Several behaviors may constitute plagiarism on your research proposal. All of them
are forbidden and may result in your receiving an F for the course and being reported to
the review board. Please feel free to discuss these problems with me, and I will be more
than happy to be more specific, before it becomes a problem. Avoiding plagiarism is
Inappropriate Submission. The most blatant is to turn in someone else’s work, either
through downloading a paper from the Internet or having a friend write the paper,
or submitting work here that you have produced for another course. The work you
submit here should be completely original.
Inappropriate or Insufficient Citation. When you use literature to support your paper, you
should know the proper way to cite it. Consult the Style Manual for specifics, but
essentially, a basic citation includes the authors’ names and the date of
publication, and it indicates that the ideas are theirs, but the words are yours.
Here, you should thoroughly re-word the point so that it it is clear that the
wording is original. A direct quote includes the names, date, and page numbers, as
well as quotation marks, and indicates that both the idea and the words are those
of the authors. You should not use direct quotes unless the wording is special in
some way, and in no circumstances may you use more than two quoted passages.
I limit quotations because it is very difficult to grade a student’s work if it is
simply a re-typing of someone else’s work. The bulk of your paper will be based
on other people’s work, so it is important that you give appropriate citations.

Topic;How Can One’s Subconscious Effect Decision-Making Ability and Choices?

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