How Onion And Brown Interrelate With Each Other In “The Good Lord Bird”


1. Consider Sula and Nel’s friendship and how the two friends betrayed each
other. In an essay no more or less than two pages explain how/why each
friend could have forgiven the other? What good do you think would have
come from mutual forgiveness?
Text name: Toni Morrison: “
Sula” (entire book)
Exactly 2.5 pages
2. In her article “Historical Fiction about John Brown and Male Identity in
Radical Movements,” literary critic Ursala McTaggart writes that Onion in
The Good Lord Bird struggles to come to terms with his manhood and
contrasts him with John Brown’s “ultramasculine” character. In a three page
(no more and no less) essay, think about and write a analysis of Onion’s
character and John Brown’s character in terms of their maleness. How do
Onion and Brown interrelate with each other?
Text name: James McBride, “
The Good Lord Bird “
Exactly 3.5 pages

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