How Organization Measure Customer Satisfaction


Interview Project Guidelines

  • This project involves interviewing a manager from a Manufacturing Organization.
  • You have to ask the following questions and write in detail the answers received.
  • The answers to the six questions should not be less than THREE Pages (1.5 Spacing, Times Roman 12 Font).

Question 1: Please explain to us your perception (understanding) of Quality.

Question 2: What is the contribution of your division/section in improving quality (you can ask what they have done in the last two years that might have an impact on quality).

Question 3: How does your organization measure customer satisfaction? Do you use customer feedback to improve your products?

Question 4: Give some examples that show that leaders (CEO, General Managers, Managing Director, and other Directors) are directly involved in Quality Improvement Initiatives (Programs).

Question 5: What does your organization do to improve your suppliers’ quality?

Question 6: What does your organization do to improve employees (you can ask about training programs, rewards, involvement of employees in decision-making)

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