How Sleep And Diet Affects Athletes’ Performance


How Sleep And Diet Affects Athletes’ Performance

The paper needs to include research that may be contradictory in nature. Include examples of
athletes that have been successful and unsuccessful using the topic you have chosen. You are
not conducting a research experiment so this paper is a review of the literature of those who
have conducted research on your chosen topic. The paper will include an introduction, review of
the literature (which may be broken down into further sub-headings), and a conclusion. Paper
must be 6-8 pages in length (not including title page and references), double-spaced, and follow
APA format. Paper must include a minimum of 8 published, refereed articles from scientific
journals, or a combination of articles and books. You will lose a significant number of points if
articles are not from scientific journals, or all of your references come from only one journal. Do
not use websites.

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