How Taylorism And The Fordist Production System Contributed To The Rise Of Managerial Capitalism In The US


Topic;How did Taylorism and the Fordist production system contribute to the rise of managerial capitalism in the US? Discuss with reference to examples and also highlight each of their criticisms.

The length of the essay is 2000 words (+/- 10%). The list of references is
not included in the word-count of the paper. Being under or over these
limits may result in penalties
3. The essay should be typed in double spacing on A4 sized paper with
margins of 2.5cm on left, right, top and bottom. Font size for text must be
12 and all pages should be numbered.
4. Use your Student ID to identify your work, as well as your name and course
name on the title page

You need
to remember to cite the sources of ideas, theories, concepts, facts, figures,
tables and other information in the main text of your essay and provide a list of
references at the end.
The essay should be typed in double spacing on A4 sized paper with margins of
2.5cm on left, right, top and bottom. Font size for text must be 12 and all pages

should be numbered.
Use diagrams and brief tables if appropriate to illustrate points and to support
your arguments. Ensure that these are relevant, based on your reading, and
that their significance to your argument is clear.
Your work should discuss and appraise the findings from your study and
research and, in doing so, should provide analysis that is relevant to the
question posed. Your style should be analytical, interpretative and informative.
The content should be focused, relevant to the question and clearly structured.
You may attach appendices to your work which will not be included in the
word-count. Appendices may include, for example, certain tables or analyses,
the conclusions or outputs of which you have included in the main text. They
should not be the sole location for any information that is essential to your
argument. While appendices can provide supporting evidence for your
argument it must be possible to understand and assess the validity of your
argument without reference to the appendix (for example, where statistics are
drawn from data in an appendix make sure that the key statistics on which your
argument depends are summarised or reproduced in the main text of your
work). Just as appendices do not influence the word count, so they will not
affect the mark you are awarded for the work.

Referencing: You should demonstrate your reading in the subject area through
reference to or occasional direct quotations from appropriate sources.
Remember to credit all sources of information that you use, in text and in the
references section. Avoid using sources that have poor validity and reliability,
for example poorly constructed internet sources (e.g. Wikipedia).
Harvard referencing. Please use Harvard referencing style in putting together
the citations in text and reference list at the end of your essay. Please see
referencing guide from Newcastle University –

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