How The Lives Of Esther, Job’s Wife, And Ruth Lacked Courage, Stamina And Resilience


Through the lives of Esther, Job’s wife, and Ruth, we will analyze and explain how the lives of each woman reflected or lacked the four qualities of courage, stamina, resilience, and self-awareness. This is a look into each of the four qualities in connection to each of the three women.

Reference Book: The Jesus Hearted Women by Jodi Detrick

Read Esther, Job 1:1-22, 2:7-11 & 42:10-16, & Ruth
Write a 3-4 page paper describing what Esther, Job’s wife, and Ruth reveal about these qualities and what we can learn from them. Ensure the following points are addressed.

Use different examples from each woman’s’ life for each characteristic where possible. Job’s wife has less information but please do not use the same verse for every characteristic.
1. State what we can learn from each woman
2. Use of at least two quality sources in addition to Scripture

Ensure scholarly academic resources using APA format.

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