How Theories Enable An Individual To Process And Understand How One Grow And Develop In General


A page a piece for each question with 1-2 works cited per page

1.) Research states that the teen death rate has decreased, but it deems teenagers are still considered a high target for the Healthy People 2020 Plan. Consider the reasons that may impact why this is true. Consider positive and negative influences, life events, etc. to include puberty, physical activity, teen pregnancy, poverty, or cognitive development as a few choices.

2.)There are various theories of development based upon the psycho social, cognitive, environmental, and personality aspects of an individual’s life. How do these theories enable an individual to process and understand how one grow and develop in general. In your response, please include what theorist is responsible for the development of the entire life span, psycho sexual development, cognitive development, moral reasoning, language and culture, and behavior theory of personalities.

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