How Thomas Hobbes Exemplifies Something Foundational About Modernity And The Modern Age


Research Essay => The Modern Age: Shapers and Definers
=> 1500-2000 words; MLA format
Research Requirement => Your paper will include information from at least two (2) scholarly
, i.e. articles from refereed/peer-reviewed journals, collected essays, full-length
publications, etc.
Instructions =>For the following topic write a clear and organized response that is supported
by evidence from course resources and that sustains a connection with the overarching course
theme: analysing the ideologies, movements and theories that shape and define the modern
age and our understanding of ‘modernity’. Please note that there is no “correct” response. Your
task is to construct an enabling thesis which is then illustrated and supported by compelling,
course-based argumentation in the body of your paper.
TOPIC=> Ezra Pound proclaims “the artist is the antennae of the age”. Select a specific
artwork  (this can be a painting, sculpture, play, poem or
novel/la) and subject it to rigorous analysis. Your task will be to explain,how the artist predicts, exemplifies
and/or clarifies something foundational about modernity and the modern age.
The purpose of this assignment is to:
1. evaluate your ability to identify and to use effectively the key course concepts, theoretical
paradigms and definitions that you have learned.
2. provide suggestions on how to improve critical analysis and argumentation.
3. identify areas of your academic writing that would benefit from some remedial attention.
Please note that:
1. a superior paper will contain an enabling thesis with a concrete connection to defining and
analysing ‘modernity’ and ‘the modern age’; an original idea that requires a sustained and
advanced level of engagement with course and research materials. The body of such a paper
will provide persuasive evidence in support of its overarching thesis in language that is clear
and free of structural/grammatical errors. Last, the conclusion of an outstanding paper will bring
your essay to a close based upon the work that appears in its preceding paragraphs—it does
not restate your thesis or arguments at length, clarify your work or draw hasty connections to
course themes.
3. No credit will be given for materials obtained from Shmoop, Wikipedia, SparkNotes, Course
Hero, Study Mode, etc.


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