How To Thrive In A Cross-cultural World


Submit a topic statement and References page for your Final Project. Follow the below steps.
You need to cite 5 sources
Review the course objectives for this class, below:
1. Argue the rewards of learning from others and how to thrive in a cross-cultural world.
2. Discuss cross-cultural issues and the challenges they bring to our contemporary global society.
3. Classify types of cultural differences and how each acts upon the society in which it originated.
4. Identify the primary cultural elements found across various societal systems.
Be sure you clearly understand these skills and can apply them to the final project. Be thinking about how to show your mastery of these skills in your final essay, which deals with immigration.
You can use as many sources as you want, but you need at least 5. Remind yourself of the terms you should know and the debates we have discussed.
Read your sources carefully and develop a thesis statement based on the evidence in your sources.

Draft 3-4 pages, plus a Title Page and a References page with 5 sources, arguing your thesis about immigration and its role in the US.
Demonstrate your cross-cultural competency: Avoid assumptions, generalizations and stereotypes. Acknowledge diversity within groups. Acknowledge and balance your own biases.
· Back up each claim you make with historical evidence.
· Address counterarguments.

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