How Women Gained New Outlook On Love And Family In The Early 20th Century


The purpose of these assignments is to use evidence to support your argument(How did women gain new outlook on love and family in the early 20th century?), so give a contextualized mini-thesis statement, a quote (or two) as evidence, and explain how the evidence fits your argument. Be sure to introduce your quotes (who said it), give direct (with quotation marks) or indirect (paraphrased without quotation marks) quotations with proper Chicago Manual of Style footnotes, and discuss the quotes in your own words. Be sure to be analytical in your argument and application of evidence. You can argue against an author’s viewpoint or point out discrepancies across readings.

This is practice for building your paper, paragraph by paragraph. So you just need a paragraph for this.

Below are sources(Do not use other sources)

-Hyaeweol Choi, New Women in Colonial Korea: A Sourcebook (New York: Routledge, 2013), 94-138.

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