I need 3 to 5 pages and also a powerpoint branch history and battle


I need 3 to 5 pages and also a PowerPoint

Branch history and battle analysis methodology essay.

A.    The goal for this essay is to assist in the goal of instruction of military history in accordance with TRADOC regulation 350 – 13 in order to focus students on history and heritage of their branch. The context for the essay illustrates the applications of military history training and leadership and a sense of branch significance.

B.     Objectives.

1.      Provides soldiers with a program of basic military heritage and history instruction that is sequential and progressive.

2.      Stimulate an interest in continuous study of military and branch history beyond the class room through individual reading programs, to assist future leaders in forming mature judgements about the profession of arms.

3.      To know and understand the evolution and the historical contribution of the NCO in the U.S. Army; the role of the NCO during the evolution of combine arms warfare; and the uses of history in military leadership.

C.     Guidelines for a Branch History & Battle Analysis Methodology Essay. The following serves as a guide with which to research, outline, draft and type your final essay:

1.      Write an essay on a topic concerning a battle related to your branch (Army) discussing the history and the outcome or effect relative to what the branch had on that topic and how it relates to the evolution and contribution towards todays military operations.


2.      Bring an historical perspective to contemporary military problems and leader ship.

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