Ideal Job Report Paper


Ideal Job Report Paper

What is the title of your report? My idea job after graduation


Hook: interesting opening sentence – Give some interesting facts about (chosen job)

Background information – background information

Mission Statement; aim of the essay –

Explore my ideal job after graduation.

In my report I’m going to describe who is a (chosen job) the origin of (chosen job). I’m also going to describe the role and duties of a (my chosen job) and what degree I should

What is my ideal job? (400 words) –  Paragraph 1

LO4: Think critically and creatively about graduate employment opportunities in the future

What: Topic sentence –

My ideal job is to be a (chosen job) within the (where). A (chosen job) is one who has graduated (name the program) and tends to work (where). What does a (chosen job) do?

What are the main responsibilities of the job? (Include references).

Evidence: Supporting Evidence –

(Chosen job) using the main roles and responsibilities, expand and reference for each point. Find 2 main points.

Example: provide other examples or views –

Find 2 points which give supporting/alternative views, reference using Harvard

Do: Summing up the paragraph –

What skills do you already have (strengths), what makes you feel that you would be good at the job,

 The job description for the role. (400 words) –  Paragraph 2

LO1: Demonstrate effective communication skills, applicable to academic and professional contexts.

What: Topic sentence –

The role of a (chosen job) consists of (give examples of the roles from the job description/role). E.g. must understand their duties, be knowledgeable and experienced

Evidence: Supporting Evidence –

e.g. Help to provide high quality care, reduce costs and eliminate ineffective practices, minimises risks and harm to service users.

Example: provide other examples or views –

Dissatisfied patients, lost business, and a damaged reputation are a few of the consequences of poor service.

Do: Summing up the paragraph –

As a student, it is never too early to start thinking like a (chosen job) who is driven by evidence-based practices.

By getting a graduate-level education, (chosen job) can operate independently or under the supervision other professionals (who?). Ideal Job Report Paper

Summary of a person specifications and how you qualify for the job.(400 words) –  Paragraph 3

LO1: Demonstrate effective communication skills, applicable to academic and professional contexts.

What: Topic sentence –

There are a number of person specifications for someone who wishes to become a (chosen job). These include being able to work in(identify where). In addition to this they educate individuals and families and it is their duty to stay up to date with new tools and technology.

Evidence: Supporting Evidence –

Some of the key person specifications for (chosen job) are…..

Example: provide other examples or views –

(chosen job) can use these skills to do a number of things such as……..

Do: Summing up the paragraph –

Today’s (chosen job) must not only know how to (give examples) but how to use technology safely and appropriately in their day-to-day work.

As a student today I’m trying to improve my computing skills. I use the computer on my essay work, but I’m also doing some courses to build up my knowledge in computing. Ideal Job Report Paper

Conclusion = 10% of your word count (200 words)

Summary of main ideas – Paraphrase your mission statement:

All my life I enjoyed helping people, I can place a smile on their faces and meet their needs. I have always tried to help others with their cares.

Summary of main ideas – That is why I am now studying to achieve a degree to become a ………….. in……

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