Impacts Of College Education To Korean Women In 2000-2020


How did the education system in Korea change in 2000-2020 and what is the impact of College Education to Korean women in 2000-2020,such as job and marriage rate.

The paper must have a thesis statement that is effectively argued and supported by evidence. Academic writing style, argumentation, and proper citation will all factor into your grade.
An outstanding paper must have an organized format, a central thesis that is clearly supported by evidence, show thorough and appropriate research, be free of mechanical errors, and be engaging in style. You will be graded on the quality and coherence of your argument, analysis, and use of evidence.

6 sources for your paper from a mix of books (monographs or edited volumes), academic journal articles, and primary sources, in Chicago Manual of Style Works Cited format.

Intro paragraph with thesis statement in bold and a brief informal outline of the remainder of the paper.

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