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Students, using at least four credible sources (journals, industry reports, white papers, etc.), write an industry analysis of not less than 3 not more than five pages, which answers each of the following questions. Label and number each section to make clear which question you are answering.

1. What is the name of the industry, and how is it defined?
2. What types of companies are included in the industry, and what types of products or services are sold?
What types of organizations do they typically sell to, i.e. who are their target market customers?
3. What are the industry financial trends over the last three years (specific revenue dollars and percentage growth or decline for each year)? Graphs, which are preferable to spreadsheets or text, should be
labeled clearly.
4. What is the analysts’ explanation for any trends (revenues increased, decreased or flat), and what do
the analysts predict the future trends will be?
5. Who are the key competitors within the industry, and what share of the market do they each hold?
6. How have the key competitors’ sales and profits trended in the past few years compared to the industry(please supply specific data)?

Industry – Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services

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