Integrated Research Paper


A six-page (minimum) research paper is due Week 8, Day 2 of the course. The purpose of the paper is to integrate at least three humanities disciplines in the study of a particular era or movement, or in the study of a particular ruler, artist, composer, philosopher, etc., within the context of his/her time, or in comparing two different eras and/or cultures covered in the course. The paper must integrate at least three of the following humanities disciplines: philosophy, history, art, architecture, music, dance, drama, religion, literature and social structure/government.

The paper must begin with a thesis statement and then present facts and concepts to support the thesis, referencing materials from research sources; at least five (5) outside sources are required. Acceptable sources include articles published in reputable journals, books published by academic/reputable publishers, and government publications. Only two articles from newspapers, magazines or the Web (unless they are electronic versions of peer-reviewed journals or government publications) count toward the five required sources. Fiero’s text does not count toward one of the five required sources, though it may be consulted in the paper. Do not reference Wikipedia, and other general or non-specialized encyclopedias do not count toward the five sources. If you are in doubt about the suitability of a source, check with the instructor. The CBU Library Web site has extensive links to online publications and databases.

The final paper must be typed, double-spaced, with 1″ margins all around, and must be at least six pages in length (not counting the title page). Include a bibliography, which is not part of the six-page minimum. Visual examples of an artists work also do not count toward the page total.

Citation style and format must follow the guidelines of the MLA or APA formats. Papers will be judged on the basis of both content and the quality of writing; a grading rubric will be utilized. Every student is welcome to discuss with the instructor any ideas for the paper, especially if a student is uncertain about the topics suitability or has difficulty choosing a topic.

Fiero, Gloria K. (2015). The humanistic tradition, volume 1: Prehistory to the early modern world (7th edition). Boston: McGraw-Hill. ISBN: 9781259360664

Stone Age
Writing and Civilization
Ancient Mesopotamia
Africa and Americas
Ancient Egypt
Ancient Judaism
Aegean Civilizations
Early Christianity
Middle Ages
Late Middle Ages and the Italian Renaissance

I have class powerpoints once you decide the areas you want to discuss I can attach the PowerPoint associated.


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