International Sports Powerpoint


Major sports have moved out of the sole possession of North America and have shifted worldwide.

Comprehension of Olympic Movement issues and the degree to which N.A. organizations have moved into

sports are critical for a global appreciation of the industries.

For this unit of the class, you are to prepare a presentation that will present the basic elements of an

international sports league.

Begin by selecting a sports league which is based in, and operates, outside of the United States or

Canada. You may select any sport of your choosing. Next research the organization, structure and rules

of that league. You should answer questions such as: “How many teams are in the league?”, “How many

games are played?”, “How is a champion determined?”, “Is there fan support and corporate

sponsorship?” The purpose of this presentation is to show that you can relate what you have learned

about worldwide sports governance and apply that to the league.

Next, put all of your research into a PowerPoint/Prezi/or Keynote presentation.

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