Is aggregating happiness is moral


Do you think that aggregating happiness is moral? Why or why not?

Post1: As it relates to performing or doing morally right actions, this will maximize or aggregate happiness. Therefore, if aggregating happiness is a result of morally right actions, then I believe it is a morally a good thing. Assuming that everyone seeks happiness in their lives and is willing to make morally ethical choices, those actions will result in a stream of continuous happiness. Happiness is fundamentally an aggregation of ethical choices and those choices in turn keep aggregating additional happiness. People who act neither morally or ethically, fail to find happiness. The accumulation of positive actions gives meaning and purpose, thus the individual who is ethical and moral will ultimately aggregate happiness.

Post2: I do not think it is moral. If I used the trolley dilemma as an example, I would personally pick the five to survive instead of the one. However, this does not mean that it is moral. I would think of it as a necessary evil rather than a moral choice, especially since you were forced into this decision without an option to save all lives. This is still a immoral decision because you are choosing the death of one—since this situation is a situation that forces me to choose, the lesser evil is the optimal choice, but neither are morally acceptable.Is it more reasonable and the best option? Yes. Is it exactly moral? Not really.If there were two options to choose from when going into battle in a war, one that had resulted in more deaths and one that had less, picking the first option would be the most optimal.Since there is no outcome that would result in no deaths, this would result in a decision of picking the lesser of two evils, and is not a moral decision because you know people will die.

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