His father called him Junes, a contraction of his Juan Eastern which he later uses as his stage name. At age seven, Junes learned to play the acoustic guitar from his father and older brothers, playing traditional Latin styles such as bolero, tango, cambium, Valletta, and Cayuga. When Junes became a teenager, his music gained a darker sound influenced by heavy metal music, especially from legendary band Metallic. During the 1 sass and sass Junes was a member/Founder of heavy metal and Osmosis but disbanded the group in 1998 to pursue a solo career.

His 2000 solo debut album, Fixate Been, which was a success, he went on to win three Latin Graham Awards. His second album, UN Did Normal was certified platinum throughout much of the Spanish speaking countries, and its lead single “A Adios el Paid” topped singles charts in twelve countries. His third album Mi Gangrene, fared equally well with Junes promoting it on a tour with over 200 performances.

Junes has done great humanitarian work and has en greatly awarded for what he has done.He has been awarded the designation of Knight of The Order des Arts et des Letters by the French government, recognized with Billboard’s “Spirit of Hope” award, named the 2008 “Humanitarian of the Year” by the Organization of American States and recently awarded Colombians prestigious National Peace prize by joint vote of the United Nations Development Programmer and representatives of leading Colombian media outlets. Junes has also performed twice at the NobelPeace prize Concert in Oslo and recently joined Alicia Keys as the featured performers at the 2009 Clinton Global Initiative in New York. Junes is one the single most important figure of the past decade in Latin music.

He inspires many young children in tons of Spanish countries. He recently performed on telethons to aid relief efforts for victims of the earthquakes in both Haiti and Chile, Junes is now in the process of recording his eagerly awaited fifth album-which is expected to see release in late 2010.

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