Knowledge and Skills for Adult Nursing Assignment


You are required to write a
reflective account of a skill you have undertaken in clinical practice. Your
account should be no more than 1500
in length (not including your reference list) and should follow the
template provided.

Please be aware that reflective
writing should be written in the first person as it is an account of your
personal experience. It is important to explore how this experience, and your
reflection of it, has helped your professional growth and as such you will be
marked down for spending too much of your word count describing your feelings rather
than discussing the underpinning evidence for your actions.

You can choose to discuss one of
the skills that you have learnt about in the module so far, some examples are
provided below:

  • Blood pressure (manual and automated)
  • Pulse
  • Temperature
  • Respiratory rate
  • Pulse oximetry
  • Giving injections (you will need to include both
    subcutaneous and intramuscular)
  • Medicine administration
  • Nutritional assessment
  • Urinalysis
  • Hand washing

If you are unsure whether your skill is an appropriate skill to discuss
consider whether you have learnt it within the skills session. if you are still
unsure please contact me on:

Your account should include:

  • An introduction (approximately 150 words) where
    you explain to the reader what will be discussed in the rest of your essay
  • An account of what has happened (approximately
    200 words). This is your ‘what?’ section. In this section you need to outline
    the steps taken to perform your chosen skill. These steps should be written in
    full prose, not bullet points. Please be aware that it is important to maintain
    confidentiality throughout the assignment (NMC 2015) and therefore names and
    places should be changed or given pseudonyms
  • The ‘so what?’ section is a discussion of the
    evidence that supports the approach you used in undertaking the skill (approximately
    750 words). Here, you will need to consider current literature, whether or not
    it is consistent, and how it can or should be implemented into clinical
    practice. This section is the main body of your work and should also include
    some discussion of why this skill is fundamental to patient care. You should
    also consider professional values, as outlined by the Nursing and Midwifery Council
    and local (Trust) policies, and how they have impacted on the way you carried
    out the skill in practice
  • The ‘now what?’ section is a discussion of how
    your experience has impacted on your own practice and whether you might use the
    same, or a different, approach in the future (approximately 250 words)
  • A conclusion (approximately 150 words) will
    summarise what you have written about. This section should not introduce any additional
    information, or new references, but should recap the main points that you have
    covered within your work

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