Legal and Ethical Principles in Healthcare (Case Study)


Legal and Ethical Principles in Healthcare (Case Study)

Read the case and answer the questions

Q1– Give a brief outline of the case from a clinical perspective.
Do not use any patient identifiers.



Q2. Identify all the ethical and legal (if relevant) issues(s) of this case.
Identify the key ethical principles or theories that could apply to this case e.g. autonomy/ justice.


Identify the key legal issues where relevant.



Q3. Discuss the management of the case, from an ethical perspective, considering your own views and how you would deal with another similar case.


Your answer should include the following if not already discussed above:


·         Your first impressions of the case.

·         A description of how the GP dealt with the case.

·         Your view of the way the case was handled: strengths & weaknesses.

·         Any ethically preferable way you consider the case could have been handled.

·         Would you feel better equipped to deal with this case if it occurred again?

·         What influences did this case have on your own attitude from religious/cultural contexts?

·         Were you able to identify your own prejudices and limitations?




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