Literature Review on Randomized Trials Quantitive Research


Literature Review on Randomized Trials Quantitive Research

You can pick the topic within reason- Motivational interviewing, substance abuse, PTSD, Anxiety
The student outlines what he or she hopes to accomplish in the paper.
Background Section

The student offers a brief review of the founders, view of psychopathology, view of healing/change,
view of the therapeutic relationship, goals and techniques, and populations and diagnoses the
approach has been historically applied to.
A Review of Two Randomized Controlled Trials
The student reviews two randomized trials, including details on the sample studied (i.e., the
demographic characteristics), how the participants were sampled, the reliability and validity of the
measures used (at minimum, the measure for the variable of interest), basic information on the
treatment and control conditions, the between- and within-group effects (including the effect sizes
[small, medium, or large]), and the strengths and limitations of the study (from the researcher’s
Discussion Section
The student offers an overview of the research to date, as well as the strengths, limitations, and
areas for improvement for the burgeoning approach (from the student’s perspective).

APA Style
The paper is five to six pages in length (excluding the Title and References pages), and includes a
Title and References page. The paper is in APA style, with no grammatical mistakes. The student
includes at least five academic sources (i.e., journal articles, academic textbooks), two of which
must be original research articles within the peer-reviewed literature consisting of randomized
controlled trials.

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