These are the prompts for the essay, you need to choose just 1 only

1. In what ways does Adichie’s novel reconcile certain themes in Achebe’s novel? Consider the use of twin protagonists, slavery, hypermasculine male characters, and the pursuit of an ideal iteration of an authentic Ibo identity.

2. In what ways does Adichie’s novel reconcile certain themes in Nwapa’s and Emecheta’s novels? Consider men’s infidelity and polygamy, women and wealth, motherhood, and the pursuit of an ideal iteration of love.

3. Examine rape in Emecheta’s novel and in Adichie’s book. Consider Nnu Ego’s matrilineal experience of spousal rape. What role does female pleasure play in Emecheta’s analysis of the traditional pressure to reproduce children and the inherent complexities of spousal rape? Is it possible for Ugwu to resist the pressure to participate in a gang rape? In what ways is his identity as a child soldier similar to the unchecked power husbands have in Emecheta’s novel? Can Ugwu refuse to participate in the gang rape? What, exactly, happens to him when he forcibly penetrates the waitress? Can Ona and Nnu Ego say no to their husbands? What, exactly, happens to them when they are forcibly penetrated? What are the psychological consequences of rape for all these characters?

4. Consider the tension between tradition and modernity, the past and the future, Africa and Europe in all the books we have read this semester. What enables characters like Efuru and Zenzele to resolve this tension? Why are Nnu Ego, Okonkwo, and the characters in Adichie’s novel unable to successfully exit this tense, liminal space? What does it take for these diverse African characters to free themselves from a kind of enslavement in Africa’s colonialist (or neo-colonialist) contexts?

5. Examine the ways the writers we have read this semester rescue the narrative of African experience from the colonialists. Consider the ways the power of storytelling in each book centers and legitimizes the African point of view. What role does interiority play in this recovery of the African voice? When white characters do appear in the narratives, how are they rendered? As you develop your analysis, consider the white journalist in Zenzele, the white officer who relegates Okonkwo to a paragraph in the colonialist handbook he writes, and Richard’s desire to tell an all-encompassing, singular Ibo story. Why is Ugwu’s authorship so important?

The books names are
Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe
Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche
Efuru by Flora Nwapa
Joys of Motherhood by Buchi Emecheta
Zenzele A letter for my Daugher by J. Nozipo Maraire

Just include the books that are required in the prompt

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