Lss 5100 unit 2 db



There are two parts to the Unit II Discussion Board. To receive full credit, be sure to address both questions for both parts in your response.  There are a total of four (4) questions.

Part I:

In Unit I of this course, you read three online articles, 4 Time Management Tips for Online Students, How to Be a Good Online Learner, and Time Management 101 for Online Students.


1.                  Which article do you feel was the most helpful to you as an online graduate student? Why?


2.                  Which tip or technique do you feel you will implement as you continue through your program?


This the article that chose:




Part II:

Anticipating change, considering multiple viewpoints, questioning traditions and assumptions, and addressing problems proactively requires strong critical thinking skills. Without them, people can appear vulnerable or simply less than their best. The development of critical thinking skills is vitally important to success in any profession, as well as being a contributing member of society. The call for educational institutions to develop critical thinkers comes in part from employers (Casner-Lotto & Barrington, 2006) and in part from researchers in the field who are aware of the integral role of critical thinking skills in the ability to survive and thrive as a democratic society (Facione & Facione, 2007).

First, read the attached article A Practical Guide to Critical Thinking and then prepare an answer to these questions, in paragraph form:


  1. In your own words, how does one “adopt the attitude of a critical thinker?”

  2.  What are some critical thinking hindrances you have encountered recently?








Casner-Lotto, J., & Barrington, L. (2006). Are they really ready to work? New York, NY: The  Conference Board. Retrieved from




Facione, P. A., & Facione, N. C. (2007). Talking critical thinking. Change, 39(2), 38-45. Retrieved from Academic Search Premier.




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