Main Ideas Of Albert Bandura’s Social Cognitive Theory


Apply Bandura’s Social Learning Theory to a student situation. Read the case study below. Respond to the questions that follow the case study. Formulate a heading from each question and use these headings to organize your paper. Write a narrative that addresses each heading / question.

Social Learning Theory
Case Study
Annie, a fifth-grade student in Mr. Baer’s class, is being quiet and sullen for the fifth day in a row. She
has been getting more quiet and sullen during Language Arts since school started. “I just can’t do this
writing stuff,” she finally says in an appeal to Mr. Baer. “I’m not a good student. Give me P.E. or art
over this stuff any day!” Imagine you are Mr. Baer. What to do!!
Think through the following items, consider what little data you have, but derive some plans:
1. Identify the key points and main ideas of Albert Bandura’s social cognitive theory. For each point
provide a page number from your text and other citation as appropriate.
2. Tell how Bandura’s theory of social cognitive theory help us to understand Annie’s comment
“I just can’t do this writing stuff”?
3. Given the information provided and demonstrating your understanding of the theory, what
might be the sources of Annie’s low self-efficacy beliefs related to her writing beliefs?
4. How could you apply social cognitive theory to help Annie become more confident and
successful in her writing skills?
5. Annie’s self-efficacy beliefs for writing are expected to influence her self-regulation. What
might you do as the teacher to influence Annie’s self-regulation? Be specific.
6. Do you think Annie displays typical or atypical behavior for a child of her age? Why?
7. It is appropriate for Mr. Baer to contact Annie’s parents. What would be some important
points for Mr. Baer to share? What would be some important questions for Mr. Baer to ask
the parents?
8. Is the need for other services indicated for Annie? If “yes” tell which services and why they
are possibly needed.

Within the paper there should be a brief description of Bandura’s theory and the salient elements of the theory. You may use outside resources in addition to the texts, but you must include the information from the Slavin text and coursework for primary sources about Bandura’s theory. For full credit, you must identify the four phases of observational learning as described in the Slavin text. You will describe Annie’s dilemma in the context of these four phases and you will apply the four phases in the section about using social-cognitive theory for increasing Annie’s confidence and success.

Be sure to address whether or not you think there are any atypical development issues involved and whether you think additional services are needed.

Your paper must follow APA form and style. The body of the paper should be 2-3 pages long. The Cover Page and Reference List are not part of the 2-3 pages required. Grammar and spelling must be correct. Be sure to proof your work. Use professional language. Be specific and use citations from your texts and other ITL406/606 sources to support your idea. Also include an Introduction and a Summary.


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