Management application exercise | Operations Management homework help


 All the requirements and instructions are attached.  DUE 3pm est on Nov.15

Specific details are in the file named “Application+exercise”.
In summary, you’ll have of your write up. First, you’ll present your look at the . Second, you’ll analyze your cultural preferences via a scale and
discuss what you discovered. Third, you’ll match up what you know about these firms with
your preferences.
Don’t ‘wing it’ here. Support your write-up with data, cites, scale results, etc. This is not an
exercise to know your inner dreams and hopes. Those are important, but not the subject of this
assignment. You’re doing a cultural audit of firms, then an analysis of yourself via course-related
materials, and then finally putting the two together.
Keep your report to (not including any title page or appendices you might
wish to add). Please use double spacing. 


  (choose 1 to complete) 

. This is a quick test that will be scored online for you and you can print out the results to refer to. Also posted is a file with brief background information on the test (called Culture Scale, background info). 

: (Note: this one’s more complicated/detailed than the one above & moves around on this site a lot.) 

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