Managing inventory and cash flow crisis


The Requirements for this assignment:

  • Must be in APA format
  • Must have in-text citations which also match all sources listed in reference list (which must be complete and in other words a source in the reference list must be cited in the paper and if there is an in-text citation, the source of that citation must be in the reference list)
  • In-text citations and reference list must be in APA format
  • Must be plagiarism free
  • Must answer all questions completely
  • Any source used to help answer the questions must be cited within the work and listed in reference regardless if paraphrased in own words
  • Need back within 48 hours.
  • No word or page requirement but suggest about 600-800 words

Managing Inventory and Cash Flow Crisis

Complete the following discussions:

  • Inventory management is critical to success in the simulation. With respect to your team, discuss how you decide to balance the risk of stockouts against the costs of maintaining excess inventory.
  • Every week, you have to consider the cash flow of your firm. This short-term financial consideration often creates serious difficulties for firms in the footwear industry. Looking at your industry to date, consider the following questions:
    • Why do firms have trouble managing their cash flow? What events cause a cash flow crisis in the simulation?
    • How does a short-term cash flow crisis impact a firm’s competitive strategy?
    • How does a short-term cash flow crisis spiral into bankruptcy for some firms?

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