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Question 2: (10 marks)

a) Describe in your words how a current sourcing input module should be wired. (2 marks)

b) Describe in your own words what a wet relay output is. (2 marks)

c) Describe in your own words what happens in practice when the behaviour of a PLC is termed to be realtime. (2 marks) 4 ME502_Assessment1_PaperB_v2.6

d) Prepare LD code that uses two digital inputs A and B and calculate the NAND function thereof to an instantaneous output C. (2 marks)

e) Now add a second line of LD code that allocates the OR function of inputs A and B, to reset memory element D if the result is true. (2 marks)

Question 3: (10 marks)

Two digital outputs (OUT1 and OUT2) are controlled by three internal relays (IR0, IR1 and IR2). The three internal relays are instantaneously calculated as follows: i. IR0 is energised if either or both input IN0 and IN1 are energised. ii. IR1 is energised only if both the inputs IN2 and IN3 are energised. iii. IR2 is energised when either one, but not both, IN4 and IN5 are energised. Create an LD program that a) reset OUT1 if any one or more internal relays are active. (5 marks) b) make OUT2 inactive for this scan cycle, only if all three internal relays are active simultaneously. (5 marks)

Question 5: (10 marks)

Write a LD program that can serve as an elementary fire alarm system. Three (3) fire sensors with N.C. outputs, provide inputs to SET-RESET functionality. The output is set and remains set when any one or more of the sensors are activated. The alarm is cleared by a Reset pushbutton, but active sensor(s) take precedence over Reset. a) Create a PLC Ladder Diagram to implement the fire alarm system. (5 marks) b) Simulate your solution in the Visual Simulation environment of Codesys and show that results of your code, are correct. (5 marks) Question 6: (10 marks) Scenario An LD program calculates the output Z, from two INT variables, x and y. The calculation takes place in a function block that you must create yourself. The function block is programmed in ST and the formula is given below: z = 5 + x y+2 . Questions: a) Create the program described above, to calculate the output z. Be sure to show the contents of both the i. LD program and ii. the ST function block. b) Test your program in the Visual Simulator environment and proof that the answer is calculated correctly by your function block, for two different sets of x and y values. Question 7: (10 marks) a) What events transpire when an input on a PLC are “forced” during debugging? (2 marks) b) Why do many modern PLC’s have a coin battery? (2 marks)

Describe the circumstances under which you will rather use an Event-triggered scan on a PLC, than any other type of scan. Include in your reasoning why this will be the best choice. (6 marks)

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