Mission, Goals, And Objectives Of Texas MOW Program


Please write a two-page report that addresses the questions below for Texas MOW.

  • Why is there a need for the program/organization.  Describe the conditions that lead to the initiative.  For program/organizations that serve people, include information about numbers of people affected by problems the program addresses, potential adverse outcomes the program/organization is designed to prevent, etc.
  • What are the mission, goals, and objectives of the program or organization?
  • If this is a program that provides services, who is served by the program/organization?  What are the criteria for receiving services?   How many are served by the program at the local, state, and national level?
  • Who advocates for this program/organization?
  • Who are the stakeholders?
  • Describe any opposition to this program or criticism of this program/organization.
  • How is the program/organization funded?  Is current funding adequate to meet needs?  Are there proposed changes in funding?
  • What role do nutrition professionals play in this program?
  • How is the program/organization marketed to potential clients, the community, legislators?
  • Has the program been evaluated?  What performance measures or outcome measures where used?  Was the program/organization found to be effective?
  • What opportunities does this program/organization offer for Baylor students for concurrent fieldwork placements, practicum experiences, and thesis research?

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