Money And The Abuse Of Power In ‘Fantastic Night’ And “Threepenny Opera”


2 essays combined. 1500 words each, around 3000 words in total.
choose one topic to discuss two novels in an essay.
no need to be more than 3000 words, but please be easy understanding.

The test consists of you writing two essay responses to the following themes.
Essays should each be approximately 1,500 words, or approximately 3,000
words in total.
As you will see, the themes are broad, so a big part of your response
involves you creating a clear, specific thesis about your themes and discussing them in
relation to two of the works that we have discussed in class. And so, I would like you to
discuss two works per essay, and you can choose from the short stories by Zweig,
Threepenny Opera by Brecht and The Trial by Kafka. When it comes to Zweig I would
like you to discuss a different work for each of the two essays, if you choose to discuss
him twice; in other words, you might discuss money and the abuse of power in
‘Fantastic Night’ and
Threepenny Opera for one essay, and self-abasement ‘Letter From
an Unknown Woman’ and
The Trial in another. Those are just examples, but
hopefully they suggest the approach that I’m looking for.
Here are the themes:
Power and Powerlessness
Self-confidence and self-abasement
Perspective and Narrative
The Corruption of Society
Love and Hatred
Love and the Abuse of Love
The Role of Class
Morality and Immorality
The Role of Irony
Justice and Injustice
Literature and History
Learning and Failing to Learn from Experience

Again, For example, you might look at the themes of power and powerlessness in
The Trial and in “Letter From an Unknown Woman” or you might look at corruption
Threepenny Opera and The Trial, etc. Some of these responses will inevitably
become compare and contrast in structure; when it comes to such essays, structure your
paper in terms of ideas instead of discussing one work for half the essay and another
work for the other half. As with your previous essays,
you must use proper essay
: a clear introductory paragraph that closes with a specific, strong thesis;
paragraphs organized around topics that support your thesis and that are structured in a
clear, logical way; a sense of transition from point to point; evidence from the text that
supports your thesis and/or illustrates your supporting points; and, finally, a strong
conclusion. While you do not need to use critical, peer-reviewed material for this exam,
make use of the primary text for evidence.
For the exam, you can use your books by Zweig, Brecht, and Kafka. During the
previous test there were some students who, lacking their books, used a sheet with the
quotations that they planned to use. You can do the same for the exam,
on a single
, but this will be checked by me during the course of the exam and must be
included in your exam booklet. When it does come to preparing, I would recommend
that you establish your thesis/arguments, that you establish 3-4 argumentative points
that can serve as your paragraphs and help to support that thesis, and that you already
find the relevant passages that you will use for support in your essays.

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