Movie Analysis: “The king’s Speech”(2010)


Movie Analysis: (150 points)

By now you have selected a movie to watch and critically critique from the perspective of competent (or incompetent) communication within a relationship presented through the characters in the film.

Your assignment will be presented in two parts; a paper worth 125 points submitted through Canvas and a presentation to the class worth 25 points.

To frame your critical analysis, you should give a brief overview of the film, present your critical critique using three concepts, principles or theories from the textbook or class notes (concepts are eligible from chapters 1-6), and present a summary of the analysis stating what you learned that could affect your personal communication competency.

For each concept selected, explain the relational outcome, evaluate the competency of the communication (appropriate, effective or ethical), and provide a concrete recommendation for improvement (if applicable). (Summary = 25 points, 25 points x 3 concepts = 75 points, Conclusion = 25 points )

Your analysis will be 3-4 pages, double spaced and is expected to be turned in via Canvas on or before the due date.

In addition, you will have 2-5 minutes to share/discuss your analysis with the class. (25 points – points will be deducted for being outside of the 2-5 minute window)

The movie that I need to analyze is “The king’s Speech”(2010)

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