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Submit the assumptions and contingency planning, which includes your explanation of assumptions you have made in creating your business implementation plan, any factors that may affect those assumptions or the success of the project, and how you have planned for those contingencies. At a minimum, you should discuss any cross-cultural, economic, and geopolitical factors that may impact the business environment and concept; how you will ensure that the project operates in a legally and ethically compliant environment, including relevant laws, regulations, or patents or permits that may need to be obtained; plans for incorporating stakeholder and customer diversity into planning and implementation of the concept; and the role corporate social responsibility will play in the implementation of your concept. For additional details, please refer to the Milestone Five Guidelines and Rubric  attachment.

This is an with the continued theme of previous papers.

The following headings should be created to reflect the critical elements identified in the rubric:


Cross-Cultural, Economic, and Geopolitical Factors

Legally and Ethically Compliant Environment

Stakeholder and Customer Diversity

Corporate Social Responsibility

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