N 1049 Management of Innovation Report Paper


N 1049 Management of Innovation Report Paper

Your task is to implement appropriate strategies and tools to recognise an innovation opportunity and to develop a concept of a new service that will help people to deal with the emotional stress caused by the outbreak of coronavirus. Your report should explain how you identified an opportunity, what opportunity you identified, how you developed a concept of a new service and what this service will be.

Instruction – before writing your report

The outbreak of coronavirus can be thought of as a ‘shock to the system’ (see lecture 7) which calls for innovation. While some firms search for a vaccine, hospitals innovate their internal processes, others look to introduce services that can help to alleviate the emotional distress. In this crisis situation, people are emotionally distressed for many reasons – for example, some are scared of being infected, some worry about their families or their employment, some are scared of infecting others without realizing it, some are distressed by reading news and not knowing whether they are real or fake, others stress out because they don’t know how and where to get help in case they get ill, many others experience the changes to their private and professional life very distressing. These are just a few examples. There is clearly a need to reduce the high levels of emotional distress. Your task is to understand this need and to develop a service that satisfies it.

Please follow these STEPS:

  1. Select the target users for whom you will design a new service (e.g. students at Sussex who live on campus during the outbreak, citizens of your hometown, etc.)
  2. Collect data to explore the exact needs and wants of your target group. To this end, please implement at least TWO of the following research methods:
    • Five individual phone interviews (e.g. to find out what your target group is worried/distressed about in relation to coronavirus outbreak, what information related to coronavirus they would like to have, how and where they currently get information related to coronavirus, if they think they have access to timely and reliable information and how they would like to access such information e.g. website, app, phone, in person).Read more on: https://www.designkit.org/methods/2
    • In context immersion (e.g. observe what your target group writes on Twitter or Facebook in relation to coronavirus outbreak to identify their worries and needs)Read more on: https://www.designkit.org/methods/23
    • Secondary (online) research (e.g. to find out what services exist which provide information related to coronavirus).Read more on: https://www.designkit.org/methods/21

N 1049 Management of Innovation Report Paper

  1. After collecting the data, analyse it and synthesise your findings using at least ONE of the following methods:
    1. Themes (https://www.designkit.org/methods/5)
    2. Insight statements (https://www.designkit.org/methods/62)
  2. Create a problem statement using ‘How might we.    ?’ method. Your problem statement

should capture what you learned about the needs of your target group. Read more on: https://www.designkit.org/methods/3

  1. Generate many, varied ideas on how to solve the problem that you identified in the previous step (at least 10 ideas). These ideas should specify different features of the service that you will offer or even different types of service (e.g. an app, a call centre, a website). Use at least ONE of the following methods to generate ideas:
    1. Brainstorming (Set up a group on Whatsapp or another online platform and invite family and friends to take part in brainstorming the solutions to your problem)
    2. Visual connections
    3. SCAMPER

Read more on: https://canvas.sussex.ac.uk/courses/9240/pages/1b-creative-problem- solving-process-and-tools


  1. Select some of the ideas that you generated in the previous step using ‘Bundle the Ideas’

method. Reject other ideas. Read more on: https://www.designkit.org/methods/30

  1. Create a full concept of the new service that addresses the problem you identified in step 4. The new service should include the ideas that you generated in step 5 and bundled together in step 6. However, in step 7 you can further elaborate your concept of a new service.

Read more on: https://www.designkit.org/methods/31

Instructions for writing your report

Having completed the above steps, please write 1500 words report including the following four sections:

  • Section 1 – Introduction – briefly outline the report (about 100 words)
  • Section 2 – Target users – briefly describe the target user group you selected in Step 1 (about 150 words)
  • Section 3 – Empathising
    • Describe briefly how you collected data (step 2). Avoid lengthy definitions of methods.
    • Describe briefly how you analysed data (step 3). Avoid lengthy definitions of methods.
    • Summarise the findings that you produced by following steps 2 and 3.
    • Justify your choice of methods used for data collection and analysis (in steps 2 and 3) by critically assessing their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Section 4 – Defining the opportunity
    • Present the problem statement that you created in step 4. N 1049 Management of Innovation Report Paper

Further requirements

Word count: 1500 words limit (+/- 5%). References and appendices are excluded from the word count. Tables and figures in the main body of the report (if any) are included in the word count.

Turnitin – Overlaps with works of other students are allowed in the references. Overlaps in other parts of the report will be treated as plagiarism.

Appendix: you can include appendices e.g. any content created using the tools e.g. the pictures of your brainstorming sessions, sketches, interview questionnaires, etc.

Referencing: You should read about design thinking process and methods that you are using in this assignment and reference them appropriately. References to online resources about design thinking are acceptable. There is no set referencing style for this report. Please choose one of the official referencing styles (e.g. Harvard) and use it consistently both in the body of the report and in your referencing list. N 1049 Management of Innovation Report Paper

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