Negative Impacts Of Zero Tolerance Policies On School Systems


Directions:  Click on the link(s) below.

Read the article and watch the short video, then prepare a written response that discusses the following:

  1. What is a zero-tolerance policy?
  2. Why were zero tolerance policies implemented across the country?
  3. How has zero tolerance policies negatively impacted school systems and their students?
  4. What are other schools doing today instead of focusing on punitive punishment for students who are trouble makers?
  5. What are your thoughts and feelings on zero tolerance policies as well as restorative justice policies within schools that use a jury of students to deliver academic sanctions?
  6. How does the zero-tolerance policy impact the school to prison pipeline?
  7. Any other thoughts or feelings relative to the video and the chapter on school violence

Remember, your response, must have proper grammar and sentence structures, as well as be cited in APA formatting for any references you might use within your discussion.

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