Negotiations and Business Strategy


Contrast the challenges of negotiating in the workplace and outside the workplace.
Assess the concept of leveraging human, social, and relational capital within the context of negotiations, including various ways of marketing yourself within internal and external job markets.
Explain how to deal with excessive demands in the workplace.
Your essay must include an introduction. It must be a minimum of five pages in length but no more than seven pages. The title page and references page do not count toward meeting the minimum page requirement in the essay of Negotiations and Business Strategy .

You must use a minimum of two sources that are academic in nature from the Online Library to support your essay; items cited and referenced in the Unit V Lesson can be used as sources for this assignment, but they will not count toward meeting the minimum two-source requirement. All content must follow APA guidelines, including all sources used, which must be cited and referenced according to APA standards.

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