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Question 1

You’re installing a new network for your organization. There will be 10 client computers running Windows 8, and your company plans to run a Web-based order processing/inventory program that for now is used only by in-house employees while they’re on site. Your organization wants to be able to manage client computer and user policies and allow employees to share documents. Growth is expected, but the budget is tight, so the company needs to purchase only what’s necessary to get running and leave high-end server features for future consideration. Management wants to keep management tasks as simple as possible. Which Windows Server 2012/R2 edition do you recommend? Explain your answer.


Question 2

You have made your decision and purchased a server for your organization. Review the previous question for the organizations computing/server requirements. Windows Server 2012 R2 is installed, and now you’re installing and configuring services that your organization will need. Based on the needs described in the previous question, which server roles should you install at a minimum and which networking module (Hint: domain vs workgroup) should you use? Explain you answer. 

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